FCC Disclosure

This page contains our transparency filing under 47 CFR § 8.1(a).

Scope of Coverage

Name of Filer:Naviga LLC
FCC Registration Number (FRN):0028697399
Trade Name:Naviga Broadband
Type of Service:Wired & Fixed Wireless
Description of Service:Broadband Internet Access
Disclosure Date:2020-04-11
Disclosure Type:New

Certification of Filing Accuracy

I certify under penalty of perjury that I have examined the information contained in this disclosure and all information contained herein is true and correct as of the disclosure date.

/s/ Jeffrey D. Wheelhouse

Jeffrey D. Wheelhouse
General Manager
Naviga LLC

Substantive Disclosure Submission

Network Management Practices


We provide as an option a DNS-based service operated by a third party that can be used to provide limited (but by no means complete) blocking of access to content that is lawful but sometimes unwanted, such as pornography. Other than that optional feature, we do not block access to lawful content, applications, or non-harmful devices, except as elsewhere described as part of routine network management.


Not applicable.

Affiliated Prioritization

Definitely not applicable.

Paid Prioritization

Most definitely not applicable!

Congestion Management

We attempt to avoid situations where the shared resources are insufficient to provide all requested services to all customers simultaneously ("surge conditions"), but due to the nature of the technology we use and economics may use industry-standard queueing techniques in order to provide the best experience to the most users of the network. Congestion detection is performed using monitoring of current throughput levels versus historical highs and theoretical limits. Specifics are situation-dependent, but we attempt to prioritize interactive traffic

Application-Specific Behavior

We block all inbound and outbound access on TCP port 25 (SMTP for inter-server communication) for the purpose of preventing spam. We block other traffic identified as harmful to our network, our customers, or the Internet at large, such as DDOS attacks or other malicious activity on an as-needed as-applicable basis.

Device Attachment Rules

Not applicable.


Security is largely the responsibility of individual users. We do perform monitoring and network management practices consistent with ensuring lawful and secure use of our network. Information that could reasonably be used to circumvent network security has been excluded from this disclosure.

Performance Characteristics

Service Description

We provide broadband Internet access using a mix of wireline and fixed wireless technologies. At this time, our efforts are experimental and best-effort in nature. As such we are still in the process of establishing network performance characteristics, including access speed and latency and do not target or advertise specific levels of these measurements.

Impact of Non-Broadband Internet Access Service Data Services

Not applicable.

Commercial Terms


Our priority is to provide free access to families in our service area who may not have the ability to pay for Internet under traditional models. We have not established fixed pricing plans for paid services. To the limited extent we provide paid services on an experimental/trial basis, prices are individually negotiated.

Privacy Policy

We do not inspect customer traffic except to the minimum amount necessary for network management and troubleshooting and only in a summary capacity whenever possible.

Redress Options

We attempt to treat all customers fairly and equitably, and the way we would want to be treated if our positions were reversed. Support is provided primarily through email. The scope of our support is limited, but does include reasonable redress of any customer concerns or complaints.